Taiwan Film Festival’s foreign flicks poised to blow your mind

The Taiwan Film Festival opens with a careful curation of foreign films, many of which are premiering in Asia for the first time.

The Twentieth Century(Courtesy of The Taipei Film Festival )

TAIPEI (The China Post) — The Taipei Film Festival, which runs from June 6 to July 11, has garnered the attention of many lesser-known-genre fans this year, thanks to a string of award-winning movies from all around the world which is premiering for the first time in Asia.

The festival will include titles such as “The Twelfth Century,” Director Jannicke Jacobsen’s latest horror film “Truth or Dare,” two-time award-winning “The Planters”, Berlin Special Jury Award-winning “The Trouble With Being Born,” “You Will Die at Twenty,” and more.

A meticulous curation that is guaranteed to seize your attention. 

The Trouble With Being Born(Courtesy of The Taipei Film Festival)

Among other highlights, “The Trouble With Being Born,” set in a dystopian future, warns of the potential repercussions of human cloning.

The movie follows the lives of a cloned girl and her father, who has programmed in her the memories of their relation. However, after being lost in the woods, she is kidnapped and reprogrammed with a new identity and memories.

The movie grapples with the link between the mind and soul, while seamlessly weaving in both scientific and fantasy elements. 

King of The Belgians(Courtesy of The Taipei Film Festival)

The original cast of the comedy film “King of The Belgians”, which premiered back in 2017, has returned for their latest film “The Barefoot Emperor.”

In this movie, the king from “King of The Belgians” decides to ventures out once again to visit his friend, but is hurt and sent to a hospital on an isolated island to be treated.

What types of thrilling adventures will he have this time? In the movie “Air Conditioner”, air conditioners began to rain mysteriously in the city, and the protagonist is sent to search for the source of this crash. What secrets will he and the wizard uncover?