Stimulus vouchers to be available on July 15: Premier

Premier Su Tseng-chang explaining the stimulus vouchers (Photo courtesy of CNA)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Taiwan premier Su Tseng-chang (蘇貞昌) announced on Tuesday that Taiwan’s revitalization vouchers will be available from July 15 until the end of December. 

According to the government’s plan, each person paying NT$1,000 will get in return NT$3,000-worth of vouchers. This policy is otherwise known as the “Triple Stimulus Vouchers”.

There are four different payment methods: cash, electronic tickets, mobile payments, and credit card payment. If you select the latter three, you must use your card number to log in online and deposit NT$3,000. After your account is verified, you will get NT$2000 in return.

If you choose electronic payment methods, including all-in-one cards or mobile payments such as Taiwan Pay, Jiekou or Line Pay, you must register beforehand with a card number.

The system allows for physical coupons to be exchanged at a post office directly if NT$1,000 is deposited, NT$3,000 will be given back in return. Another way would be to pre-order online, and pick up the coupon in convenience stores, similar to the name-based system for masks. 

Once the money is collected from the stores, it can be used immediately. However, it is important to note that you cannot buy stocks, gift certificates, taxes, cigarettes, or insurance policies with the vouchers.

In addition, 1.2 million low to middle-income households will be eligible for receiving the NT$3,000 vouchers, with no additional payment required.