Former 5566 member caught cheating with hostess

The former boy-band member had been caught having an intimate relationship with a bar hostess and driving the mistress home several times a month.(Courtesy of Facebook/Rio Peng)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Rio Peng, a former member of Taiwanese boy band 5566, was caught cheating with a long-haired woman on Wednesday.

The 41-year-old singer and dancer, who has been working behind the scenes since an injury, owns an entertainment company.

He married Tina Lin, the daughter of a local billionaire 8 years ago, with whom he has a daughter.

According to CTWant, the former boy-band member has had a long, intimate relationship with the hostess, named Amber, driving her home several times a month.

She allegedly works in a famous hotel.

Asked about the affairs, Peng had not replied to media inquiries as of press time.