Taiwan columnist shares take on pandemic in Australia

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Joyce Yang, a Taiwanese columnist working as an international marketing specialist at the University of Canberra, shared some highlights on the pandemic situation in the Australian capital.

From the outset, the columnist said that Australia’s success in controlling the outbreak started with measures to ban entry from high-risk countries. On March 19, the country also closed its borders to all non-citizens and non-residents.

By the end of March, Australian authorities imposed stricter social-distancing rules, limiting public gathering to two people.

“Australia has done well compared to most European countries and the United States, but I think it could have done better. Allowing the Ruby Princess cruise ship to dock in Sydney was a huge mistake,” Joyce added.

On March 19, the country allowed more than 2,600 passengers to disembark from the Ruby Princess cruise ship in Sydney, despite multiple previous outbreaks elsewhere in the world involving cruise ships. Over 700 cases and 22 deaths have since been linked to this decision.

After months of battling the COVID-19 pandemic, Australia has flattened its COVID-19 curve. In some states and territories, the curve has completely flattened. Restrictions started to ease as the infection rate continues to fall. Australia began the slow process of easing restrictions step by step in the past few weeks.

This week a lot of businesses have had their employees come back to work in the office for the first time. In the past months, working from home has become the new normal for Australians.

Joyce, a Taiwanese columnist who working as an International Marketing Specialist at the University of Canberra, shared her own observations on the situation in Australia’ s capital amid the Covid-19. (Courtesy of Facebook/Joyce看世界就是不一樣)

“Although the situation in Australia is managed relatively well and the restrictions have been relaxed. I think we should still be very cautious and practice social distancing rules to protect ourselves and others,” she said.

After a few months since the nation imposed restrictions to contain the Covid-19, Joyce went out to breathe in some fresh air. She also shares with The China Post readers through the video that shows how people are living their daily lives after the second stage easing of coronavirus in Canberra.

Because Canberra has been nearly 30 days with no confirmed cases, many shopping malls in the city and supermarkets are flooded with people.

Let’s see the situation in Canberra with Joyce!

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