Taiwan artist feels ‘reborn’ after detox, announces new album

R-Chord 謝和弦 (Instagram/@chord0415)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Taiwanese singer and actor R-chord (謝和弦) showcased his new facial tattoo of Taiwan in a post to Instagram on Sunday, celebrating 41 days of treatment for his addiction.

R-chord arrived for treatment at the Taipei Detention Center (臺北看守所) on April 27 for substance addiction; he was then transferred to the Xindian branch (新店戒治所).

He first made a post to Instagram on June 6 to express his appreciation for the correctional facilities’ aid in his path to recovery. 


In his post, the singer claimed to be a “reborn artist”, and revealed that he had used the time to write new songs. He also announced the release of his new song “Jenny,” which he hopes fans would enjoy.