Taiwanese shocked at ‘snails eat mail’ hilarious post

(Photo courtesy of 爆廢公社)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Snails are known to eat almost anything and everything they can get their “hands” on.

The idea that snails also eat paper is almost unheard of though, despite the recent claim by a Taiwanese netizen who found a “half-eaten insurance policy” in her mailbox.

She posted to Facebook her conversation with an insurance worker and included a photo of the ravaged insurance policy. 

She said that after finding several snails at the “crime scene,” she contacted the insurance worker for another copy of the policy, and said that this is the consequence of having an outdoor mailbox in the countryside.   

After releasing her post, fellow netizens joined in, sharing their own experiences with snails. One netizen said that snails eat literally everything, ranging from cat food to fish carcass.  

(One netizen shared a photo of their Spring couplets getting eaten by a snail. Photo courtesy of 爆肺公社)

Others took a more lighthearted approach, cracking jokes by saying that kids now have the new excuse of saying that a snail ate their homework, and added that the snail must be a writer now after eating that much ink.