YouTuber fined NT$1,500 for bragging about free MRT rides

Taiwanese YouTuber "Cat紙袋人," who released a video on Monday teaching the viewers how to steal rides in Taipei MRT, has been tracked by the police. (A screenshot taken from YouTube)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Police authorities said on Tuesday that they already identified the Taiwan YouTuber, “Cat Paper Bag” (Cat紙袋人), who released a controversial video a day earlier on how to ride for free on the Taipei MRT system. 

Authorities tried to contact him by phone but to no avail, a spokesperson said. 

The Rapid Transit Division of the Taipei City Police Department accused the YouTuber of violating Articles 49 and 50 of The Mass Rapid Transit Act. 

If a passenger is caught on board a train without a ticket or with an invalid one or uses a fraudulent ticket that does not match the passenger’s identity, he or she must pay the due fare as well as a penalty amounting to 50 times of the fare, according to Article 49. 

Police said that the Youtuber could be fined up to NT$1,500 (US$50.4) for violating the aforesaid Act. 

His controversial video was removed from YouTube on Tuesday.