Taiwan travel subsidy plans to kick off on July 1

Green Island, Taiwan (Shutterstock)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — From July 1 to Oct. 31, the Tourism Bureau is offering five travel subsidy plans to encourage Taiwan residents to go off the beaten track.

To begin with, The “Group Travel Discount Program” (團體旅遊優惠) is aimed at legally-established travel companies in Taiwan.

The program, which is limited to 35 tours per travel company (2 additional tours per branch office), gives NT$700 to each person per day, and NT$1,200 for those traveling on outlying islands (Kinmen, Matsu, Penghu).

Having a tour guide also gives travelers an additional NT$1,500 per day, per tour.

The second program is the “Individual Traveler Program” (自由行旅客優惠) for Taiwan nationals (Each ID card number can only be used once) and is applicable to participating hostels or B&Bs.

More details should be announced on June 18, but we already know that you can obtain up to NT$1,000 in discount per room. If you are traveling to outlying islands (Kinmen, Lianjiang, Penghu, Ryukyu, Green Island and Orchid Island), the discount can be used twice. 

The third program is the “Amusement Park Free Entrance Program” (觀光遊樂業免費入園) for citizens under 18 (born on or after July 1, 1990), and offers free unlimited admissions to all 25 parks in Taiwan during summer vacation.

The fourth program is the “Tour Bus Program” (台灣觀巴2人同行1人免費). It is for one-day or half-day Taiwan Tour Bus travelers.

It provides discounts for short bus tours and it is applicable to 73 bus routes. It also offers a “buy two tickets, get one free” policy (not applicable to round-the-island and two-day trips).

Last but not least, the fifth subsidy program benefits local governments that offer planned activities (補助地方政府辦理在地特色觀光活動), including promoting local attractions based on unique tourism elements, scenic spots and lodging.

The program includes NT$10 million in subsidies to each local government.