Vietnamese migrant worker arrested for selling fake IDs: NIA

The Immigration Agency headquarters in Taipei / File photo courtesy of the NIA

KAOHSIUNG (CNA) — A Vietnamese migrant worker was arrested earlier this month and charged with making and selling counterfeit ROC Identification cards and alien residence certificates, the National Immigration Agency (NIA) said Wednesday.

Chao Chih-cheng (趙志成), an official with the NIA’s Kaohsiung branch, said the Vietnamese national surnamed Pham was arrested with a number of alleged accomplices, after they were found selling fake identity documents via social media websites.

According to Chao, Pham has been working in Taiwan for three years, adding that he and a number of friends are accused of posting advertisements on Facebook pages offering fake IDs for several thousand Taiwan dollars.

Pham and his co-conspirators manufactured the counterfeit IDs themselves before delivering them in-person to buyers, Chao said.

Most of the clients, estimated to be more than 200, are believed to be illegal immigrants and unaccounted for migrant workers who could use the fake IDs to find a job or rent an apartment, according to Chao.

Pham and other suspects were questioned by Kaohsiung prosecutors who are currently investigating the case, according to Chao.

Meanwhile, the NIA and Kaohsiung police are seeking to determine if more people are involved, he added.

The NIA official urged employers and landlords to double check anti-counterfeit features such as color-changing ink on identification documents presented by an interviewee or a potential tenant. Failure to do so could result in charges if they are found to have hired or given shelter to illegal immigrants.