Solomons minister reprimands official for pro Taiwan stance

Daniel Sudani, premier of the Malaita province. (Screengrab from Facebook)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Daniel Suidani, premier of Solomon Islands’ most populous province, Malaita, was recently chastised by Foreign Minister Jeremaih Manele for accepting 50 tons of rice from Taiwan, which was deemed a demonstration of “pro-Taiwan stance”.

Back in 2019, the Solomon Islands switched diplomatic recognition from Taiwan to China, due to China’s dollar diplomacy, which would usher in world trade through the country, in its Belt & Road Initiative, according to Professor Matthew Clarke of Deakin University

Suidani had been blatantly vocal about being against the switch to China, at one point refusing development aid from China.

The foreign minister said that he was disappointed by Suidani’s recognition of Taiwan as a state, and has accused him of politicizing the COVID-19 pandemic against China, whilst urging him to uphold the national foreign policy.