Taiwanese wins U.S. award for design of Lunar New Year card, envelope

Photo courtesy of the Pingtung County government

TAIPEI (CNA) — Taiwanese Chiang Meng-chih (江孟芝) has won a prize in a design competition in the United States, with her submission of a Lunar New Year card and envelope.

The holiday card and envelope, titled “Dawn Rises,” won second prize in the print media/design category of the Hermes Creative Awards, which honor “the messengers and creators of the digital revolution,” who bring their ideas to life “through traditional and digital platforms,” according to the Hemes website.

Chiang, creative director of Mengdom Design Lab in Taipei, will be awarded a gold statuette that is a symbol of the Greek god Hermes, while first place winners will receive a platinum statuette.

Chiang’s Lunar New Year card and envelope, which were commissioned earlier this year by the local government in her home county of Pingtung, feature a design that incorporates the concept of the Year of the Rat and represents aspects of Pingtung.

According to a statement released Thursday by the Pingtung Cultural Affairs Bureau, Chiang said the card bears images of pineapples, which are grown widely in Pingtung and are popular during the Lunar New Year celebrations in Taiwan.

Chiang said that she did not want to put a rat image on the envelope, so she chose instead to use a cutout in the upper right corner that represents the nibbling of a rat.

The cutout also looks like a cloud, while golden rays on the card depict the sun, which emerges from the cloud as it rises, Chiang said.

The word “Dawn” in the name of the design has a similar pronunciation to “rat” in Mandarin and represents hope for the future, she said.

The Hermes Creative Awards is administered and judged by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP) in the U.S. and attracts more than 5,000 submissions each year from designers around the globe, in several different categories.