High school student detained for stabbing 10-year-old girl

The fruit knife that the high school student used to stab the 10-year old girl / CNA photo June 11, 2020

NEW TAIPEI (CNA) — A local court on Thursday ruled that a 16-year-old high school student be detained pending further investigation after repeatedly stabbing a 10-year-old girl at a school in New Taipei’s Tamsui District earlier in the day.

The Shilin District Court’s Juvenile Court ruled that the suspect surnamed Liu (劉) be detained for further investigation after he allegedly took a fruit knife to school and attacked the victim, surnamed Wei (魏), as she arrived around 7 a.m. before classes started.

According to New Taipei police, Liu stabbed Wei in the back several times before he was restrained by a school volunteer and a teacher at the scene.

Wei was left with multiple wounds ranging from 4cm-10cm in length and was immediately taken to a nearby hospital.

A hospital spokesperson later said Wei’s condition was not life-threatening and her condition stabilized following surgery, though she remains under observation.

Liu, who hurt his left hand in the frenzied attack was treated at the same hospital before being questioned by Tamsui police and detained.

During an interrogation, Liu said he does not know Wei and was unable to explain why he stabbed her, saying only that he “lost control,” according to police.

An initial investigation characterized Liu as an introvert who has difficulty socializing with his peers.

The attack could have been caused by long-term emotional issues, police speculated, as they have yet to determine a motive.

The case will be tried by the same juvenile court where Liu is likely to face charges for causing bodily harm, the police said.

Meanwhile, Lu’s family issued an apology to Wei and her family over the attack.

According to the Tamsui school attended by both students, Liu is a sophomore in the senior high school department while Wei studies in the elementary school department.

Although Liu’s grades are relatively poor, he does not have a history of emotional problems, according to the school.

The school promised to step up inspections to ensure students do not bring dangerous items to school and increase patrols to prevent any similar incidents.