Singer remixes ‘We are the World,’ hopes for year of renewal

Born in 1995 in Taiwan, Karin grew up in a culturally diverse family.(Courtesy of Instagram/@rinrinkarin)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Music composer Karin (卡林) recently released a music video on YouTube, sharing an adapted version of Michael Jackson’s popular song “We Are The World,” in the hopes of bringing more positive power when the world is facing ups and downs.

Born in 1995 in Taiwan, Karin grew up in a culturally diverse family. Her mother is a Japanese-Chinese influenced by the Western education system and her father is a local Taiwanese businessman.

In this song, Karin said the year 2020 seems a year plagued with disasters from the COVID-19, to the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement.

The song is a remix from the songs “We Are The World” by Michael Jackson, and Karin writes the mandarin lyrics.

She sees 2020 as a year of renewal. Karin believes that COVID-19 and BLM will allow society to respect all races and be more cautious about disease prevention in the future.

Karin said she was influenced by her mother. She started playing the piano when she was little. On the other hand, Karin’s father always wanted her to lead a life with a stable salary. Karin attended an art school, Taipei Hwa Kang Arts School (臺北市私立華岡藝術學校), despite her father’s wishes.

After she graduated high school, she applied for the McNally Smith College of Music. However, not until she received a half scholarship did her father allow her to attend the music school.

Karin has always loved blues and jazz. While attending McNally Smith College of Music, she contacted a jazz singer from Chicago, Bruce Henry, to ask if she could perform with him. Luckily, the singer agreed.

Though just one semester before Karin was to graduate, McNally Smith College of Music went bankrupt, which meant Karin was sent back to Taiwan. She is now a full-time musician.

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