Wander among #Instaworthy spots in Penghu

Penghu Paradise Road (Courtesy of Instagram/@jan710__)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — As the coronavirus pandemic subsides, the ban on travel has been progressively relaxed. Border control remains in place tough, meaning that domestic travel may be the best choice for you this year.

Penghu, with its sunshine, beach, blue sea and sky, has become one of the most popular domestic travel destinations in summer. If you are planning to visit the magnificent island, here are the four amazing spots in Penghu for you to explore!

Chixi Rock Waterfall

Chixi Rock Waterfall, located in Penghu’s Xiyu township is one of the most scenic spots.

An abandoned fish pond sitting next to natural basalt sculptures in the shape of six-sided columns is one of the natural perfect photo-op spots on the island.

Well, how to take a perfect photo here? When the tide is low, you can stand in the middle of the fish pond and have someone taking pictures from the outer ring.

How to get there? 881, Chixi Vil.Xiyu Township, Penghu County
Chixi Rock Waterfall (Courtesy of Instagram/@maimai_lin)
Chixi Rock Waterfall (Courtesy of Instagram/@gjo226784)

Penghu Paradise Road

Penghu Paradise Road is located on an old ship port in the Beisha township. The road among the area adopts a snake-like visual entering the blue sea.

As you walk along Paradise Road, you can see the turquoise-blue ocean and take postcard-like pictures from every point along the road.

How to get there? Houliao, Baisha Township, Penghu County
Penghu Paradise Road (Courtesy of Instagram/@ming155)
Penghu Paradise Road (Courtesy of Instagram/@jan710__)

Wangankou Beach

The Wangankou beach on the Wang-an township is known as Taiwan’s Maldives. The white shells and sandy beach with gradual turquoise sea in the distance are perfect for you to chill for the whole afternoon.

It’s not a problem at all to stay on the beach all day and enjoy the island!

In addition, this area has an arc-shaped bay that stretches for nearly one kilometer making it one of the hottest spots for summer water fun!

How to get there? Penghu County, Wang’an Township

Wangankou Beach (Courtesy of Instagram/@ying___0504)

Dongshicunhuanbao Park

There is a maze made of porous coral stones in Dongshicunhuanbao Park near the beach and Penghu Airport. From afar, it looks like the mysterious ruins left by aliens, attracting many tourists to come and take pictures.

If you want to capture the entire maze and the distant sea, be sure to bring along a wide-angle lens and a selfie stick. It’s recommended to wear bright colors for perfect pictures.

How to get there? Dongshi, Huxi Township, Penghu County
Dongshicunhuanbao Park(Courtesy of Instagram/@babylove184520)
Dongshicunhuanbao Park(Courtesy of Instagram/@babe_nini)

How to get to Penghu?

Travel to Penghu is easily accessible by plane or ferry.

Domestic flights leave from Taipei, Tainan, Taichong, Chiayi, and Kaohsiung and take 35-50 minutes.

Ferries leave from Chiayi’s Budai Harbor (1.5 hours) and Kaohsiung Harbor (4.5 hours for day boat & 7 hours for the overnight boat trip)