Taiwanese-Korean singer Bii coaches next ‘Superstars’

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Taiwanese-Korean singer Bii (畢書盡) shared his take on becoming a celebrity in a new TV show, “Superstar,” broadcast by NOWnews.

The talent show aims to scout for new singers in Taiwan and turn them into Asia’s new superstars with the help and support of Bii who expressed hopes that they have what it takes “to get to the next level.”

Asked about the contestants’ skills, Bii said that he won’t lower his expectations even though most of them are not professional singers.

“I’ll mainly focus on the voices of the contestant because I pay more attention to my voice when I perform on stage,” the singer said in response to inquiries.

Thinking back to the early days of his career, Bii said he struggled to perform with confidence at first due to his limited Chinese language skills.

When asked for advice on overcoming anxiety, he recommended the contestants to picture the stage as their recording studio or house, and have confidence in themselves.

He further remarked that a winner comes with a loser, meaning that contestants should never give up and keep working until they have reached their goal.