False rumors of spy bot by Audrey Tang circulating on LINE groups

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Many LINE groups have become an inadvertent tool in spreading rumors about Minister Without Portfolio Audrey Tang (唐鳳), claiming that she is spying on other users using the LINE account Auntie Meiyu (美玉姨). 

Audrey Tang(Screengrab from《 Kaii 大納德斯》and Twitter/Audrey Tang)

Rumors first appeared on Facebook page “Home Improvement” (韓粉父母無助會) of which a screenshot started circulating on various LINE chat groups.


The original post claimed that Aunite Meiyu account is capable of stealing information from group chats and was developed by Tang in order to “hack the internet.”

The user said he did some more digging and found that the rumors first started circulating in 2019 and revealed that Auntie Meiyu is actually an AI chatbot developed by a Hong Kong engineer with no known relation to Tang.

Seemingly used to defame Tang, the posts were deemed outlandish by netizens online and many lamented the fact that people are too gullible nowadays.