Cloudy weather expected nationwide on Sunday

Photo for illustrative purposes only (Shutterstock)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — An eclipse, set to occur this upcoming Sunday (June 21), will be visible to more than 9 counties in Taiwan.  This rare phenomenon is set to begin at 2:49 p.m. until 5:26 p.m., with the peak of the eclipse set to occur at 4:14 p.m.

If you’re a foreigner who wishes to see this unique phenomenon, you should seize the chance as the next time it’s visible in Taiwan will be the year 2215.

The weather forecast suggests that seasonal rain fronts that usually occur this time of year might affect the overall weather on Sunday, though chances of the rain front directly reaching Taiwan are highly unlikely, as it’s further up North.

Even if it does happen to rain, it most likely won’t last long, and won’t interfere with the solar eclipse scheduled to happen in the afternoon.

Below is a list of areas provided by “Taiwan Typhoon BBS”, where you can directly witness the eclipse:

【Areas where you can witness the solar eclipse】

Yunlin County – Taixi Township, Dongshi District, Baozhong, Tuku Township, Dapi Township, Sihu Township, Kouhu Township, Shuilin Township, Beigang Township and Yuanchang Township

Chiayi County – Chiayi City, Dongshi Township, Liujiao Township, Xingang Township, Xikou Township, Dalin County, Meishan Township, Minxiong Township, Zhuqi Township, Puzi City, Taibao City, Fanlu Township, Lucao Township, Shuishang Township, Zhongpu Township and Dapu Township

Tainan County –  Houbi District and Baihe District

Kaohsiung Mountainous Area –  Namaxia District

Hualien County – Fuli Township

Penghu County – Baisha Township

Kinmen Islands –  Lieyu Island, Jincheng Township, Jinning Township, Jinhu Township

【Areas, where you need to make sure that is within the solar eclipse scope 】

Nantou County – Xinyi Township

Yunlin County – Mailiao Township, Lunbei Township、Huwei Township, Douliu City, Dounan Township, Gukeng Township

Chiayi County –  Budai Township, Yizhu Township, Alishan Township

Tainan County – Yanshui District, Xinying District, Liuying District, Dongshan District, Nanxi District, Nanhua District

Kaohsiung Mountainous Area – 甲仙、桃源

Hualien County –  Yuli Township、Zhuoxi Township

Taitung County –  Changbin Township, Donghe Township, Luye Township, Haiduan Township, Yanping Township

Penghu County –  Huxi Township, Xiyu Township

Jinsha Township