Why proposing on day of eclipse is right move?

Taixingyan Trail(Courtesy of IG/@eveyi0822)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — A solar eclipse will occur across the Tropic of Cancer on Monday, June 21, and it will be visible from nine counties and cities in Taiwan.

On this special day, when the moon is slowly moving to block out the sun, the sky will turn dark.

If the person beside you is the one you love during this phenomenal moment, why not seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get down on your knee and propose to your beloved?

If you are planning to go to Chiayi to view the “Ring of Fire” and arrange a romantic “Proposal Trip,” here are four romantic spots you can visit on the day!

Taixingyan Trail

To begin with, Taixingyan Trail, located in Meishan Township, is one of the most popular travel destinations in Chiayi. The wooden trail, standing at 850 meters above sea level, is 650 meters in length, with large green tea plantations on both sides along the trail.

Walking through the tea plantation and the dense woods with your loved one will bring about a feeling serenity and peace to accompany you on this romantic trip.

In addition, there is an observation deck near the entrance of the Taixingyan Trail where you can see the wooden trail extend into the mountains. This will definitely be a nice photo-op for lovebirds.

How to get there? 67.7K, 166 County road, Meishan Township, Chiayi County 603, Taiwan
Taixingyan Trail(Courtesy of IG/@shengkai_travel)

The mystic land of Chinese Silver Grass-Nanjing Old Bridge

The old railway bridge on the banks of the Bazhang River situated at the brink between Tainan and Chiayi used to be the train tracks for transporting sugarcane. However, as time passed, mounds of Chinese silver grass began growing under the bridge and is now a beautiful attraction to railway fans and social media influencers alike.

The picturesque old iron bridge paired with a golden sunset sets a romantic scene for you and your partner and will heat things up between the two of you as you stroll along the path.

Bazhang River, Houbi, Houbi Dist., Tainan City 731, Taiwan

The mystic land of Chinese Silver Grass-Nanjing Old Bridge (Courtesy of IG/@peter.xvx)

Chiayi Dongshi Baishui Lake

Also known as the “Venice of Taiwan,” the Chiayi Baishui Lake Fishing Harbor was the home of a tribe in Budai Township; however, in recent years, due to land subsidence, whenever high tide approaches, the roads will be completely submerged. So, if you want to visit this quiet little village, make sure to do so at low tide.

It is recommended to visit when the sun goes down. The sunset light reflects off the oyster shacks, creating a spectacular scene.

Baishui Lake, Zhangtan, Dongshi Township, Chiayi County 614, Taiwan
Chiayi Dongshi Baishui Lake(Courtesy of IG/@jiacji_zheng)
Chiayi Dongshi Baishui Lake (Courtesy of IG/@lissa_5566)
Chiayi Dongshi Baishui Lake (Courtesy of IG/@lissa_5566)

Song of the Forest

Located in Chiayi, an art installation “Song of the Forest” is definitely one of the must-visit scenic spots in the southern city.

Situated behind the Chiayi Municipal Culture Center, “Song of the Forest” is shaped like an eggshell and was designed by artist Wang Wen-chih. The entire structure is made from local wood.

Song of the Forest (Courtesy of IG/@ne._m_o)

When you walk along the corridor made of woven wisteria to the main building, it’s as if you are witnessing the glorious history of Chiayi’s forestry and railway industry. As dusk approaches, the warm light of the egg-shaped building illuminates the surrounding area, creating a romantic atmosphere and marks the time for a proposal that will be irresistible to your future spouse!

Song of the Forest (Courtesy of IG/@ne._m_o)
No. 308-1, Wenhua Rd., West Dist., Chiayi City 600, Taiwan
Song of the Forest (Courtesy of IG/@miro.daily)
Song of the Forest (Courtesy of IG/@wz.travel)