Adventurous couple unveils what to expect in first trip to Taipei

TAIPEI (The China Post) — YouTubers Jimmy and Tah, who love sharing their Asian travels with their followers, recently uploaded a short video documenting their first trip to Taipei.

In 2015, Jimmy was serving in the U.S. military when he met Tah who hails from Thailand and worked in the finance sector, in South Korea. 

Together, they embarked on an adventure around the world in 2017, with the goal of proving to others that you don’t have to be rich to travel well.

During their month-long trip in Taipei, Taiwan, they visited several tourist attractions, such as the local night markets, the National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, Dadaocheng and many more.  

In their vlog, the couple laid down some ground rules on what to expect when visiting Taipei, Taiwan. 

They started off by giving an overview of public transportations, such as the Taipei Metro (MRT), as well as U-bikes. 

Later on, they then went on to Ximending a popular shopping district in Taipei and tried out a variety of local cuisines, including bubble tea and scallion pancakes. 

Afterward, they visited downtown Taipei, and the underground markets in the MRT station, where they spent time at an arcade, playing things such as the claw machine.  

They also followed this vlog up with multiple vlogs about selective aspects of Taiwan, such as, a free tour guide of Taipei, what foods to eat and the night markets across the city.  

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