Lotus Wang unveils photo of teenage daughter for first time

51-year old singer Lotus Wang (王彩樺) recently posted first close-up pictures of her younger daughter Huang I-fan(黃繶帆). (Courtesy of Facebook/Lotus Wang)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Taiwan singer Lotus Wang (王彩樺) recently unveiled some photos of her teenage daughter, Huang I-fan (黃繶帆), to Facebook for the first time to the delight of her fans.

The 51-year old artist was congratulating her daughter who graduated from middle school on  June 13. “Dear princess, congratulations on your graduation,” she wrote with a selfie of her daughter.

51-year old singer Lotus Wang (王彩樺) recently posted some pictures of her younger daughter Huang I-fan (黃繶帆). (Courtesy of Facebook/Lotus Wang)

She added that she was proud of her daughter who had good grades and received an award from the school. “I’m so happy that you have grown up,” she added. 

The photo also highlighted the resemblance between the mom and daughter, including her long wavy hair and calm temperament.

In Wang’s post, she wrote that “Dear princess, congratulations on your graduation” with a selfie of her daughter and herself.(Courtesy of Facebook/Lotus Wang)

In response to her post, many commented that “I remember that just a few years ago she was a young girl, and now she’s a grown woman” and “she inherited some pretty good genes.”

Lotus Wang began her entertainer career in 1985. She is a singer, actress and host, and also a variety show comedian well-known by the audience.

Her famous representative music work is the pop song “Bo Peep Bo Peep”, and the album with the same title was nominated the Best Album in Taiwanese in Golden Melody Awards.