YouTuber apologizes for offensive comments about breast milk

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Taiwanese Youtuber Xiaoyu (小玉) apologized on Monday for his “unacceptable behavior” in a controversial video released in April in which he made negative comments about the taste of breast milk.

The YouTuber apologized to mothers from around the world about his unjustifiable actions and comments, adding that as a 26-year-old, he should know things better. 

“I’m extremely regretful,” he said. 

The YouTuber released a video on Monday. (Courtesy of Xiaoyu/YouTube)

Back in April, Xiaoyu, who made bubble tea with breast milk, said the mixture smelled terrible. It was similar to the smell of dogs, he said.

He made insensitive comments about breast milk. (Courtesy of Xiaoyu/YouTube)

Xiaoyu expressed regrets of his actions and said he was a terrible example to his viewers.

He then bowed for ten seconds and asked his viewers to give him another chance to make them laugh and bring much more joy. 

He bowed for ten seconds at the end of his video. (Courtesy of Xiaoyu/YouTube)