Siblings relationship turns sour amid tennis season suspension

Hsieh Su-wei (left) and her brother Hsieh Cheng-peng pose for a picture in Wimbledon in July 2019. (Photo from Hsieh Cheng-peng’s Facebook page)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — The brother of acclaimed tennis player Hsieh Su-Wei (謝淑薇), Hsieh Cheng-peng (謝政鵬), accused his sibling of mental abuse and theft in a Facebook post on Sunday.

Hsieh Cheng-peng intends to cut all relations with his sister over accusations that he allegedly stole his sister’s purse last year.

“I don’t want to talk to her for the rest of my life. I’m tired of this,” he said.

Tennis player Hsieh Su-wei is seen in this undated file photo. (Photo courtesy of NOWnews)

The first and quite probably last collaboration between the brother and sister in mixed doubles at a Grand Slam event came to an abrupt end at Wimbledon in July 2019.

This year’s tennis season was initially put on hold for six weeks, before being first suspended until June 7 and later until July 13.

According to Chinese-language media, Hsieh Su-wei has been taking this time off to travel around Taiwan with her partner, while also expressing her dissatisfaction with Taiwan’s support of tennis players.

Contacted by local media, Hsieh Su-wei hasn’t commented on her brother’s comments.