Taiwan rail line to release seven limited-edition boxed meals

Photo by the Taiwan Railways Administration

TAIPEI (CNA) — The Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA) will release seven limited edition boxed meals (bentos) at six different stations around Taiwan starting Wednesday to the end of July.

Each special edition meal will feature food ingredients from the location where it is sold, using fresh farm products to support local farmers, TRA officials said at a press conference in Taipei on Monday.

Only 150 of each type of boxed meal will be available per day at the TRA restaurant in each of six stations — Taipei and Qidu in northern Taiwan, Taichung in central Taiwan, Kaohsiung in southern Taiwan, and Hualien and Taitung in the east, the officials said.

To taste all seven limited edition railway bentos, consumers will have to travel around Taiwan and explore its different terrains through the ingredients that represent each selected area, they said.

TRA-produced railway boxed meals have long been popular among passengers, and the TRA sold 10.53 million of them last year, the administration said.

Sales of the boxed meals fell in the first half of the year, however, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but are recovering now that the disease’s threat has abated and more people feel comfortable traveling, the TRA said.

7 limited editions of railway bentos (Photo courtesy of CNA)