Global Traveler calls Taiwan a ‘top tourist destination’

 Taiwan nabbed three awards from the “2020 Leisure Lifestyle Award” in the latest June edition of "Global Traveler". (Screengrab from Global Traveler website)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Taiwan nabbed three awards from the “2020 Leisure Lifestyle Award” competition in the latest June edition of U.S. travel magazine Global Traveler

In addition to landing second place in the “Best Adventure Destination, International” category, Taiwan also became a three-time winner of the “Best Leisure Destination in Asia”. Additionally, the Taoyuan International Airport was named the fourth-best airport for layovers. 

(Screengrab from Global Traveler website)

Brad Shih (施照輝), director of the Los Angeles office of Taiwan’s Tourism Bureau, believes that Taiwan will become a popular tourist destination after COVID-19 coronavirus travel bans are lifted.  

Shih claimed that Taiwan’s success in preventing the spread of coronavirus will help further the island’s reputation as a safe and enjoyable travel attraction. 

(Screengrab from Global Traveler website)

Although Taiwan has yet to lift international travel bans, Shih is optimistic about Taiwan’s tourist popularity after the pandemic.

According to a survey conducted by American trend experts during October 2019 and January 2020, western demands for traveling abroad has been estimated to peak in 2021 because of current social distancing policies.