Hot, hot, hot! Taipei records highest temperatures in 124 years

Taipei hits a record high this June with temperatures rising as high as 38 degrees. (NOWnews)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — A heat wave swept Taiwan in June with temperatures as high as 38 degrees Celcius. The peak in temperatures has caused heat injuries to increase by 16 percent, according to Chinese language-media.

Doctors recommend spraying antiseptic alcohol to prevent heat injuries.

To safely use alcohol, you should avoid spraying your eyes and open wounds and the effective areas to apply alcohol on the neck, back, hands and feet.

According to Pauling Chu (朱柏齡), director of the Center for Heat Stroke Prevention and Control (中暑防治中心) at Tri-Service General Hospital (三軍總醫院), body temperatures can drop by one degree within 10 minutes of exposure to alcohol.

Contrary to all expectations, temperatures only drop by 0.4 degrees after drinking 300 ml of water. The most effective way to prevent heat injuries, however, is to limit outdoor activity.

“When it is too hot, it’s best not to stay outdoors for longer than half an hour,” Chu said. “Currently, temperatures are relatively high from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., so individuals should avoid being out as much as possible during this time.”

When individuals have heat-related injuries, they may feel tired, dizzy and nauseous. In extreme cases, individuals may fall into comas.