‘Our Ordinary Home’ reminisces about Taiwan’s unique story

CTBC Bank has recently produced an original film that highlights the connection between Taiwan people in the 1970s’ and today.

TAIPEI (The China Post) — The world has been facing unprecedented changes since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak. Everyone was met with challenges; even though, Taiwan’s excellence in containing the virus has resulted in national unity and pride.

Against this backdrop, CTBC Bank (中國信託), one of the largest privately-owned banks in Taiwan, has not only responded to the government’s call for pandemic relief but also produced an original film “Our Ordinary Home” (家‧如常) broadcast on major TV stations and platforms on Sunday (June 28).

A collage from the ‘Our Ordinary Home’ video highlights the connection between Taiwan people in the 1970s’ and today. (Courtesy of CTBC)

The film, authorized by Michael Cooper, a member of Canadian House of Commons as well as Tarō Asō (麻生太郎) and other international members, highlights Taiwan’s outstanding efforts and prevention strategies during the COVID-19 crisis.

Beyond the inclusion of international members, the film also documents local people’s daily life, asserting that “when everyone is united, there is hope.”

The film shows that despite the pandemic, most citizens are carrying on with their normal lives⁠ — students are still able to go to school and everyone is able to go to a restaurant as they please.

Contrary to people in foreign countries, Taiwan people have clearly exhibited unity in containing the virus thus enabling them to live their lives normally, making every day more meaningful than it already is.

An electronic store is featured in the ‘Our Ordinary Home’ video. (Courtesy of CTB

Reminiscing the history of Taiwan, the film further shows how unity has been a long-standing culture due to the dire international status, the end of diplomatic ties with America, the loss of a seat in the United Nations and the emergence of SARS in 2003.

Taiwan’s success in fighting the virus has led to many compliments by the international communities. In particular, CTBC had contacted Cooper, Taro and other international members to authorize their expressed affirmation in Taiwan’s effective containment.

Besides incorporating thoughts of the international community, the film also sheds light on local taxi drivers and restaurant owners’ hard work during this time, emphasizing Taiwanese’s resilience, unity and CTBC’s trademark “we are family.”

Many netizens had commented below the film, posted on Facebook, expressing their gratitude for the film as well as personal anecdotes of their life following the outbreak of COVID-19.

A character in the ‘Our Ordinary Home’ video reacts while reading the newspaper. (Courtesy of CTBC)

In 2016, CTBC celebrated the 50th anniversary and continued the trademark “we are family” as well as the concepts of “home” and “family.” Ultimately, the film hopes to spread the message of unity and to show the international community that Taiwan can help.

You can watch the aforesaid video on Youtube and Home Run Taiwan’s Facebook page.