Rumors about Anthony Wong’s film in Taiwan false: Taipei official

Hong Kong actor Anthony Wong (Courtesy of Facebook)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Taipei officials denied on Monday rumors that Hong Kong actor Anthony Wong (黃秋生) was invited by the Tourism Bureau of the Taipei City Government to shoot a promotional video for Zhonghua Road in Ximending District, Taipei.  

There are no plans to shoot the video, and Wong will not be visiting Taiwan, the head of the Department of Information and Tourism of the Taipei City Government (台北市政府觀光傳播局) said.

According to Chinese-language media, the hefty production fee of NT$2 million is the main reason the production team was hesitant in pursuing the film. 

Anthony Wong is perhaps best known in the West for his roles in the 1992 action film “Hard Boiled,” the 2002 critically acclaimed “Infernal Affairs” and as General Yang in the 2008 Hollywood film “The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.”

After publicly condemning the use of violence by the Hong Kong police in 2014, however, Wong’s acting career came to a quick halt in mainland China.