‘Abenomask’ bra creates stir amid Tokyo assembly election

A Japanese livestreamer-turned-politician and the party she runs for the Tokyo council election are not shy about courting controversy.

Kana Shindou is placing posters ahead of the Tokyo election. (Courtesy of Twitter)

TAIPEI (The China Post) – A growing number of YouTubers has entered politics worldwide, aiming to get votes with eye-catching campaign posters.

One candidate in Tokyo’s Kita Ward is attempting to make her mark on the minds of voters in a memorable way by attracting media attention too ahead of the assembly election slated on July 5.

Kana Shindou posed half-naked with the “Abenomask” – the controversial mask sent out by Prime Minister Abe to every household in the nation.

Shindou released the picture on June 23 with a couple of masks covering her breasts in an alleged statement against COVID-19 restrictions.

While she appears to be the first woman from the Japanese political sphere to publicly pose in the makeshift bra, Shindou and the party she runs for are not shy about courting controversy, according to Japanese media.

The campaign poster has further sparked debate amongst people in Japan with some arguing that they couldn’t care less about what goes on in politics, others found the poster to be in bad taste, especially as it’s being displayed in a public place.