Taiwanese-American chef wows judges on British cooking show


TAIPEI (The China Post) — A Taiwanese-American chef, Tiffany chang, won the “Golden Apple” prize in Netflix’s latest food show, “Crazy Delicious” (美食狂想) thanks to a local popular snack: pig’s blood cake (豬血糕)

“Crazy Delicious,” the latest food competition show to hit Netflix, is wowing food fans around the United Kingdom and around the world.

In every episode of “Crazy Delicious,” three new contestants cook in three different rounds in order to win the episode. The winner of each episode is compensated with a large golden apple. 

The food is judged by British Comedian Jayde Adams, American Chef Carla Hall and British Chef Heston Blumenthal.

The judges of Crazy Delicious (Photo/Netflix)

According to Netflix, “daring home chefs tempt the food gods with reinvented classics and fanciful feasts in their quest to win a golden apple.”

In the second episode titled “Takeout Takeover,” Tiffany, inspired by her Taiwanese roots, picked up the Golden Apple.

The 39-year-old faced fierce competition from an Italian-Bangladeshi chef named Tony and a 31-year-old vegan blogger named Romy. 

To surprise the judges, Tiffany cooked a traditional Taiwanese dish: pig’s blood cake.

Tiffany surprises judges with pig’s blood cake. (Photo/Netflix)

She also made Taiwanese spicy fried chicken wings, sweet potato fries, fried peanut butter mochi, and a pig’s blood cake hotdog.

Interestingly, she utilized a Tatung electric pot to make her food. 

She said that after moving to the United States when she was 12, the only way for her to connect to Taiwan was through cooking.

She emphasized that because she grew up in two different cultures, she wanted to be able to embrace both in her adult life.

Tiffany used Taitung electric pot to cook pig’s blood cake. (Photo/Netflix)