Convenience stores offer incentives alongside ‘Triple Stimulus Vouchers’

Convenience stores are now open for pre-ordering. (Photo courtesy of CNA)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — The four largest convenience store brands in Taiwan have offered incentives to entice consumers into pre-ordering the “Triple Stimulus Vouchers” that are available for pre-order since Wednesday.

But, which stores should you choose to get the best deal? Below is a quick run-down of the promotions and incentives of each brand. 


If you successfully pre-order your vouchers from 7-Eleven between July 1 and July 7, you will receive a NT$100 coupon. On July 15, those who have pre-ordered the “Triple Stimulus Vouchers” can use them along with the extra coupon.

Those who use CTBC Bank and Cathay Bank’s Open Wallet will also receive an extra NT$50 coupon from 7-Eleven (must be redeemed between July 10 and July 12).

People who pre-order the vouchers before July 5 can enjoy a half-off discount on the second cup of a large-sized latte from 7-Eleven’s City Cafe.

Purchasers will also have a chance to redeem a buy-one-get-one-free voucher at Starbucks (must be used before July 9). 

7-Eleven stores will also feature another 100 types of coupons. Among these 100 coupons are NT$200 vouchers for Cosmed and Uni-President Department Store in Taipei and Kaohsiung, along with NT$500 vouchers for Dream Mall. 

Family Mart 

From July 1 to July 7, those who pre-order vouchers at Family Mart can exchange for a Jin Xuan Orange Tea or Big Latte. (Photo courtesy of CNA)

Family Mart invites you to buy the “Triple Stimulus Vouchers” online and in stores. Those who want to purchase the vouchers online must do it through the government’s portal and select FamilyMart as the pickup location.

Those who wish to purchase the vouchers in the store should bring their National Health Insurance card to the FamiPort machines in FamilyMart.

You can collect the vouchers from the cashier using the Family Mart APP or My Famiport App by inserting the purchase code and last four digits of your ID.

From July 1 to July 7, those who pre-order the vouchers can redeem a Jin Xuan Orange Tea or Big Latte.

Those who use My FamiPay to pre-order will also receive a NT$50 coupon for Family Mart. The Family Mart coupons will appear on the Family Mart app starting July 15 and are valid until July 31. The coupons will be limited to 80,000 users.

Family Mart will also have promotional activities to incentivize consumers to buy the triple stimulus vouchers from their stores. For instance, there is an opportunity to win a package for a buffet at Ootoya, and various promotional activities at Family Mart’s Let’s Café.  


Buying the “Triple Stimulus Vouchers” at Hi-Life allows you to not only receive 30 Hi-Life points but also enables you to join a lottery for prizes including, a Macbook Air, Zwilling cooking products, an Electrolux iron and a Tiger branded water bottle, among others.

People who complete the transaction in Hi-Life will also receive NT$10, and a half-off discount on an americano or a latte. 

Hi-Life VIP App users will be able to go to the stores to use their “Triple Stimulus Vouchers” on select products from July 15 to July 28 and from July 29 to Aug. 25.

Those who spend NT$500 will receive NT$200 in return. Hi-Life will also offer discounted prices on certain sets of items.

From July 15 to Aug. 31, there will also be a chance to receive products from Elife mall. The products will range from NT$800 to NT$12,000. At a minimum, you will receive a discount on the “Ergorapido Vacuum” from Electrolux. 


From July 1 to July 7 (between 9 a.m. and 10 p.m.), chain stores with OKgo kiosks will be open for “Triple Stimulus Vouchers” pre-orders.

You will be eligible to partake in their promotional activities. For instance, buying an americano at OKmart will give you three tea eggs; there will also be a buy-one-get-one-free promotional activity for the large latte.

Lastly, there will also be a buy-one-get-one-free option for OK 600 milliliter Water.