One year later | Aaron Chen, wife overcame cheating scandal

Taiwanese host Aaron Chen (陳秉立) (left) and Grace Gong (right) (Courtesy of IG)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Taiwanese host Aaron Chen (陳秉立), also known as Ah Xiang, visited a motel in late May with his wife, Grace Gong, before heading to a restaurant, highlighting how the celebrity couple has successfully overcome last year’s cheating scandal, Chinese-language media said on Wednesday.

Chen, 39, and Gong have been married for nine years and the couple has three young children. His affair with Taiwanese hosts Cheryl Hsieh, also known as Xie Xin, last year created a stir in Taiwan’s showbiz though. 

The pair were caught kissing in broad daylight in June, igniting a barrage of criticism from the public. After the affair was revealed, Chen and Hsieh’s careers were put on hold for several months.

Aaron Chen (left) and Cheryl Hsieh (right)

Two months after news about the affairs broke out, the Taiwanese entertainer held a press conference to apologize for being Chen’s mistress. 

Since then, she has kept silent. In March, Hsieh broke the silence and announced that she had left her management company of 13 years and she will “start over” and continue to “work hard.”

On the other hand, Chen has spent all his time working on fixing his relationship with his wife and family since the affairs broke out and he has resumed his careers over the past few months.

This time, he was seen taking his wife to a motel and intimately feeding her in the restaurant, drawing the public’s speculations that their relationship has been successfully repaired.