Taiwan medics receive 1st-class send-off from Eswatini gov’t


TAIPEI (The China Post) — Eswatini bid farewell on Tuesday to four Taiwanese medical specialists who spent the past two months helping the African nation with its COVID-19 response.

The four-member team, nicknamed by the press as the “Taiwan We Go Team,” arrived in Eswatini on May 1.

It is composed of Infectious Disease Specialist Chen Li-yuan (陳立遠), Respiratory Therapist Lee Hsin-yu (李芯妤), Pulmonologist Li Shu-liang (黎書亮) and Nurse Lin Yu-Hsuan (林侑暄).

They are all members of the Taipei Medical University Hospital (TMUH). 

Their goal was to assist the country in fighting back against the COVID-19 pandemic.

To this end, Minister of Health of Eswatini Lizzie Nkosi commended their efforts saying “you volunteered to leave a safer environment in Taiwan and come to Eswatini, exposing yourselves to COVID-19.”

“You made a decision from the very beginning to teach, train and mentor our teams and further refine our case management protocols,” she added. 

The Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA, 外交部) reported that the team was given a 1st-class send-off from the Eswatini government.

Nkosi highlighted the impact of the team saying, “you made a huge difference in decreasing the infection rate of health workers at the Lubombo Hospital and further helped train our health workers on the correct use of PPE and equipment.”

“You also extended your stay in Eswatini by four weeks, underlining your commitment,” she continued.

Over the past few months, Taiwan has only grown stronger as an ally to the last African nation to recognize Taiwan.

The Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs of Eswatini announced proudly on June 23 that the nation had been working with Taiwan’s Ambassador to Eswatini Jeremy Liang (梁洪昇)  to procure masks for the country.

Taiwan has also been providing rice to the country, announcing that it would be donating 10,900 tons of rice by the end of May to 16 of Taiwan’s allies. 

Prince Buhlebenkhosi Dlamini of Eswatini also recently graduated from Shih Chien University (實踐大學) in Taipei City on June 13. This will only strengthen the amicable relationship between the two countries in the long term.

As African nations plunge into debt amid the COVID-19 pandemic, it will be even more important for Taiwan to continue to demonstrate to its remaining allies that Taiwan is truly willing to help.