Most anticipated ‘Xpark Aquarium’ to open in August

"Xpark Aquarium" (Courtesy of Xpark)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — After five years of planning, the “Xpark Aquarium,” which occupies an area of approximately 14,876 square meters, is slated to open on Aug. 7, authorities said on Wednesday.

Located in the plaza near the Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR) Taoyuan Station, the Xpark Aquarium is the first overseas branch of the Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise in Japan.

Different from the typical “aquarium,” the Xpark combines dazzling visual digital technology to create a metropolitan aquarium that is unlike any other touristic aquatic museum in Taiwan.

The park is divided into four exhibition areas, including “Formosa,” “Diving in Coral Sea,” “Rainforest Adventure,” and “Healing Jellyfish.”

With oceans surrounding Taiwan, “Formosa” features a four-story-high window where tourists can look closely at thousands of fishes.

“Formosa exhibition area” (Courtesy of Xpark)

“Diving in Coral Sea” also features a 180-degree panoramic screen, displaying the dreamy underwater scenes with countless of fishes and colorful coral reefs.

The exhibition allows you to feel the dreamy atmosphere surrounded by the sea and get a glimpse of the mysterious underwater world.

“Diving in Coral Sea” (Courtesy of Xpark)

If you are interested in the mysterious rainforest, you should not miss the “Rainforest Adventure” exhibition area either.

Surrounded by giant trees, you will see all kinds of rainforest animals inhabiting the sea, land and air, and feel the vitality of nature.

“Rainforest Adventure” exhibition area (Courtesy of Xpark)

Last but not least, the “Healing Jellyfish” exhibition area is illuminated by various colors of transparent jellyfish, creating a magical kaleidoscopic world.

In addition, there is a jellyfish laboratory where visitors can learn about jellyfish’s birth and way of life.

“Healing Jellyfish” exhibition area (Courtesy of Xpark)

What’s more?You can stay at the first aquarium hotel in Taiwan — COZZI Blu — and experience ocean-themed suites for the occasion.

COZZI Blu hotel, which joined hands with the Xpark, opened for reservation starting from July 1 and its trial run is expected to kick off on July 29.

COZZI Blu hotel offers ocean-themed suites. (Courtesy of COZZI Blu Hotel)

How to get there? | Xpark address | No. 105, Chunde Rd., Zhongli Dist., Taoyuan City 320, Taiwan