Researchers in Finland say MIT masks are superior quality

Photo courtesy of the Taipei Representative Office in Finland

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Researchers in Finland found that MIT (Made in Taiwan) masks are of a superior grade after conducting experiments on the 200,000 masks that Taiwan had donated to Finland.

Finish language newspaper Suomenmaa quoted on June 30 Mikko Kärnä, a member of Parliament, who stated that the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland found that MIT masks had a filtration rate of 99.7 percent.

The research center conducted these experiments to determine the quality of the masks due to local law which requires these masks to undergo tests before they are distributed to medical personnel. 

The Representative of the Taipei Representative Office in Finland Janet Chang (張秀禎) said that these inspections vouch for the quality of Taiwanese manufacturing. She also expressed her satisfaction in seeing MIT products being used to help other countries in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

These 200,000 masks were donated by the Taiwanese government in late May to five of Finland’s hospitals in the North. The masks arrived through Oulu University Hospital on May 27 according to Finland’s national public broadcasting company YLE. 

As of now, according to Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA, 外交部) Spokesperson Joanne Ou (歐江安), Taiwan has pledged a total of 51 million face masks to more than 80 nations and areas worldwide in four rounds of donations. The most recent shipment was to Haiti on June 1. The Ministry of Public Health and Population of Haiti announced on June 2 that they received the shipment of medical supplies and were grateful for Taiwan’s support. 

As President Tsai Ing-wen reiterated in her address to the Copenhagen Democracy Summit on June 19, Taiwan will continue to donate more masks in an attempt to safeguard and protect its democratic allies around the world.