Taiwanese-Ghanaian corporal cheers military in Taiwanese

TAIPEI (The China Post) — The Ministry of National Defense (MND, 國防部) recently released a video featuring Taiwanese-Ghanaian military technician, “Hung Tse” (洪澤), speaking fluent Taiwanese.

The creative video aimed at motivating his fellow troops for the upcoming Han Kuang (漢光) exercise from July 13 to July 17, the MND said.

Corporal Hung Tse was born in Kaohsiung to a Taiwanese mother and a Ghanian father.

Having been raised in Kaohsiung by his Taiwanese-speaking maternal grandmother, resulting in his impeccable Taiwanese pronunciation, which has been praised as being better than the average Taiwanese.

In the video, Hung also demonstrated his ability to speak several languages by introducing himself in the Ghanaian dialect.  

As a proud Taiwanese, he decided to join the military. He is currently serving in the 3rd Air Force Division’s repair factory as an aviation maintenance technician.

Since taking the job, nothing troubles him — not even a repair for a large C-130 transport aircraft as the Chinese-language Youth Daily News (青年日) reported. 

Speaking in Taiwanese, Hung said people should not assume he is a foreigner based on the color of his skin. As an authentic Taiwanese, he said that his goal, like everyone else, is to protect Taiwan. 

He urged his fellow military personnel to try their best in the upcoming Han Kuang exercises to protect Taiwan. 

Su Tzu-yun (蘇紫雲), a member of the Institute for National Defense and Security Research, explained that in this year’s exercises, it will be a priority for Taiwan to digitize its military by integrating new technologies such as drones, battlefield reconnaissance units, and new communication systems for the M1A2T tanks.

This year’s training will also focus more on battalion training and cohesion exercises. To this end, on July 16, the military will conduct a live-fire anti-landing exercise in Taichung.