CTBC Holding receives CEM Energy Management Excellence award

CTBC Financial Holding becomes the first financial entity to receive the 2020 Clean Energy Ministerial Award of Excellence in Energy Management from the UNIDO

The office of CTBC Financial Holding is pictured in this undated file photo. (NOWnews)

TAIPEI (The China Post) – Facing the global pressure of soaring energy consumption, CTBC Financial Holding (中國信託金控) is dedicated to sustainability. Against this backdrop, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) recently awarded the financial institution the 2020 Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) Award of Excellence in Energy Management, the highest honorable award.

CTBC was the first financial institution in Taiwan to implement the “ISO 50001” energy management system in 2011. This enhanced its energy management efficiency by 16 percent and decreased their carbon dioxide emission by 5316 metric tons.

CTBC Financial Holding received the highest rating among 46 entrant companies. It is not only the first Taiwanese company to receive this honor, but also the first financial entity in the world.

The organizer of the award remarked that one of the reasons that CTBC Financial Holding received this award is its campus in Nangang Area and its environmentally friendly designs. The campus has a total of 699 square meters of solar panels.

To decrease its energy consumption, control its emissions of greenhouse gases, and perform load shifting, CTBC Financial Holding has adopted the “Chilled Beam and Ice Storage Systems.” The materials and resources purchased were FSC approved recyclable paper products. CTBC Financial Holding also implemented scales to efficiently manage the weight of its disposal of trash and recyclables.

The company’s office doesn’t provide one-time use utensils or paper cups, it only uses LED light bulbs and we are equipped with directional lamps. CTBC Financial Holding also uses the remote to adjust the lighting constantly and utilize double-layered glass windows to both take advantage of sunlight and block UV rays and heat.

To cooperate with its goal of energy conservation, its subsidiary CTBC Bank analyzes each branch’s energy conservation levels and aligns with central planning. For example, there are seasonal adjustments for sign lighting and constant monitoring of air conditioning half an hour before closing hours.

CTBC Bank also installed motion sensor lighting for idled warehouses and hallways along with water-conserving tap attachments in restrooms. This is all to integrate sustainable energy usage into daily work environments.

Starting in 2011, CTBC Financial Holdings accepted guidance from the Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Taiwan Green Productivity Foundation to adopt the ISO 50001 Energy Conservation System.

In 2012, it became the first financial entity in Taiwan to be approved. To proactively reduce carbon emission in light of global warming, CTBC Financial Holdings and all 194 CTBC Bank branches received the approval of the ISO 50001 Energy Conservation System standard by The British Standards Institution (BSI).

CTBC Financial Holding also adopted three other international ISO standards, improving energy efficiency levels by 16% and reducing carbon emissions by 5316 metric tons, roughly equating to the annual carbon absorption of 13.7 Daan Forest Parks.

CTBC Financial Holdings actively manifests the green sustainability mindset in its operations. CTBC Bank has employee energy conservation competitions, with the department with the largest energy-saving results receiving NT$80,000.

The total award is NT$430,000. For example, the energy-savings were more than five folds of the total monetary award. CTBC Financial Holdings company hopes to cooperate with its business ecosystem in implementing sustainability-related policies and be the epitome of sustainability.