Discover Taiwan from foreigners’ perspectives

Shimen Terrace. (Photo courtesy of Shutterstock)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — With a range of domestic travel subsidies beginning to take effect in July, foreigners and Taiwan citizens alike are seizing this opportunity to get their fill of the Taiwan islands.

With this observation in mind, Justaiwantour, a travel agency based in Taipei, recently launched a “Call for Explorers” campaign and held an adventure during the Dragon Boat Festival with the purpose of promoting Taiwan’s beauty to the world from the perspectives of foreigners.

During the adventure, the travel agency and a number of bloggers and Youtubers from France, Canada, South Africa and the U.S., celebrated the Dragon Boat Festival whilst discovering the hidden gems around Taipei.

Photo courtesy of Justaiwantour

The “walking tour” started at Qingshan waterfall (青山瀑布), and included stops like Shimen Terrace (石門梯田), Jinshan Old Street (金山老街) and Nanzilin Trail (南子吝步道).

The outdoor enthusiasts took in the refreshing natural scenery at “Qingshan Waterfall” and “Shimen Terraces,” and later enjoyed local delicacies at Jinshan old street.

After the tour, YouTubers Victor and Grace commented that “Taiwan is a small country where every place is highly accessible, so that’s why we really like traveling here. Because of the accessibility and also beauty.”

Expats play a key role in boosting Taiwan’s tourism and Justaiwantour has responded to the forthcoming revival of the country’s inbound tourism industry ahead of time.