‘Xpark Aquarium’ pricing information unveiled

“Diving in Coral Sea” (Courtesy of Xpark)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — XPark, the new aquarium that aims to create the experience of visiting nature, is scheduled to open on Aug. 7 in northern Taiwan.

Tickets will cost NT$550 for an adult, NT$400 for a student and NT$250 for a kid under middle-school-age. Children under 4 can enter the aquarium free of charge. 

The aquarium is located in Taoyuan and within a 20-minute drive from Taipei City. Its location will conveniently provide a means to adventure under the sea, in the forest, to Antarctica, yet all the while never stepping out of the city perimeter. 

From Aug. 7 to Sept. 30, XPark will be open in five different time slots of the day, and the visitors in each time slot will be able to explore the mini-universe for two hours. 

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