Hsinchu City Zoo welcomes new residents: Coffee and Milk

Coffee (right) and Milk (left) (Courtesy of Hsinchu Zoo)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Hsinchu City’s zoo(新竹市立動物園) has new animals! Coffee and Milk are two alpacas that were just transferred from Kaohsiung Shou Shan Zoo(壽山動物園).

The two new members are going to spend a couple of months getting used to the new environment, after that they should be ready to meet their public. 

Coffee and Milk, whose names are based on the color of their fur, are actually half brothers, Municipal Soo Director Yang Chu-yuan (楊礎遠) said.

Coffee is the younger brother with both brown and white hair. His teeth are slightly crooked and he likes to eat! He has a playful personality and likes blowing raspberries.

Coffee and Milk in their new environment. (Courtesy of Hsinchu Zoo)

On the other hand, the older brother is Milk, who is completely covered in white hairs. He has black features and is shy, cautious, and occasionally loses his temper. 

Hsinchu Mayor Lin Chih-chien (林智堅) disguised himself as a zoo employee on Sunday and fed Coffee and Milk while welcoming them to their new home, according to Chinese-language media.

Hsinchu City zoo pointed that alpacas have wool like a sheep, but have a body shaped like a camel. They have recently became more popular after a person posted an alpaca with a dumbfounded expression.