NTUST design student receives Young Pin Design Award

NTUST's animation center. (Photo courtesy of NTUST)

TAIPEI (CNA) — Chang Chiao (張喬), a student studying design at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST), has won a prestigious Young Pin Design Award, and he attributed the honor to a new animation center at the school.

Chang won the prize in the digital multimedia design category for his animation “Irreversible,” which illustrates the story of the protagonist who enters the subconscious of his wife to cure her mental illness.

NTUST partnered with Acer to build a ConceptD animation center earlier this year to give design students an environment that helps them work more efficiently, and Chang said the center was instrumental in helping him pull off his prize-winning work.

The facility helped him work three to five times faster than normal, enabling him to quickly complete simulations and calculations that would have taken much longer to do on his personal computer.

ConceptD is an Acer brand of laptops, desktops, and monitors with strong computing power targeted at creators to handle complex design projects.

With the hardware provided by Acer, the computers at NTUST’s ConceptD animation center can speed up calculations and animation production and provide the level of precision in colors required for good designs and animations, NTUST said in a press release.

NTUST President Liao Ching-jong (廖慶榮) said several of the animations done by students in the school’s design department as graduation projects won honors with the help of the better work and learning environment provided by the center.

Aside from Chang’s award, which is part of the prestigious Golden Pin Design Award program, other students won Vision Get Wild Awards, Liao said.

Hsiao Sheng-wen (蕭勝文), a lecturer in the NTUST design department, praised the advanced technology as improving the learning process for design students because it has given them more time to experiment and make improvements to their projects.