Bus driver condemned for denying service to migrant workers

Photo courtesy of Shutterstock

TAIPEI (The China Post) — A Taichung bus driver, surnamed Chao, was filmed verbally abusing, sniffing and refusing service to migrant workers last week, sparking indignation and allegations of discrimination among netizens. 

In a video uploaded to Youtube, Chao was seen stepping off the bus to sniff migrant workers at the waiting station, before letting two of the three passengers on the bus; the third passenger was denied entrance on the bus due to spraying too much perfume.

The bus driver is then heard yelling at passengers for wearing too much perfume and swearing at them. 

A Thai tutor working in Taiwan surnamed Lee said this is a matter of personal preference and opinion. “Thai people are very clean. Because it [Thailand] is an extremely hot country, everyone showers in the morning, at night, and always uses perfume.” 

The Taichung City Government has been investigating the incident and will be fining the company NT$5,000. Further internal investigations will be made to see whether or not there were further breaches of contracts.

The video also raised allegations of discrimination as the driver was filmed letting Taiwanese citizens in without a “sniff test.”