New Taipei, Taipei disagree on upgrading to YouBike 2.0

Photo courtesy of the Taipei City Department of Transportation

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Although New Taipei and Taipei officials held closed-door discussions on cross-city bike usage and how they plan on implementing the YouBike 2.0 plan on Wednesday, disagreements still arose regarding the upgrade from YouBike 1.0 to YouBike 2.0.

Chen Hsueh-tai (陳學台), director of Taipei Department of Transportation, pointed out that the total number of rides from New Taipei to Taipei is 2,400 while the total of rides from Taipei to New Taipei is 2,600.

Against his backdrop, the two cities held the aforesaid meeting to try to get on the same page regarding the use and return policy. They also met to discuss the new YouBike 2.0 program that is set to be rolled out by the Taipei City Government.

Chen said that Taipei will keep at least 400 stations for the pre-existing YouBike 1.0 models by the end of next year and 120 YouBike 1.0 stations along the border between the two cities the following year.

Taipei will fully implement its YouBike2.0 program by the end of 2021.

However, New Taipei City is not on the same page.

On the contrary, New Taipei believes that changing all YouBike 1.0 models to YouBike 2.0 bicycles is a waste of public money. They also plan to utilize MOOVO’s electric bicycle technology.

While the city agrees with Taipei that upgrades are needed, such as including a GPS system, mobile payment and other technological features onto the bikes, they don’t agree with the upgrades made by the YouBike 2.0 system.

Chung Min-shi (鍾鳴時), director of New Taipei City Department of Transportation, stressed that the YouBike 1.0 system was just recently implemented and it would not be possible to replace such a large scale system within a year.

He argued that the newly built bikes should be used to maximize the economic value of the purchase.