Discover Keelung through lens of Japanese photographer

9m88 was invited to join the Keelung tour with the Japanese photographer. (Courtesy of Keelung City Government)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Keelung is not only an international port city in northern Taiwan, but also an old-fashioned style prosperous city. Still, recent construction projects renewed and reorganized the city, making it more and more special.

To promote and share such a unique urban style to other international cities, the Keelung City Government shared two feature stories in April in both Chinese and Japanese versions on HereNow, an Asian city guide site from Japan.

For the occasion, the government invited renowned Japanese photographer Kotori Kawashima (川島小鳥) to tour with famous Taiwanese singer 9m88 and capture the atmosphere of this beautiful port city.

The government invited Japanese photographer Kotori Kawashima to tour the city with famous Taiwanese singer 9m88. (Courtesy of Keelung City Government)

Kawashima, who excelled at portrait photography, is known for his photo collections “Future” and “Star” on Taiwan’s theme.

9m88 is a famous Taiwanese singer. (Courtesy of Keelung City Government)

The two features stories titled “Through the lens of Kotori Kawashima — Looking directly at the sincere faces of the people living with the ocean in the port city,” showing the gorgeous port city in the Japanese photographer’s eyes. 

Man dining and chatting with a street vendor. (Courtesy of Keelung City Government)

Along with 9m88, the photographer took a stroll in the city and visited a sleek coffee shop, taking a series of images that portrayed Keelung’s daily life and scenes.

The photographer took a stroll in the city and visited the sleek coffee shop with 9m88. (Courtesy of Keelung City Government)
(Courtesy of Keelung City Government)

Among other highlights, Kawashima interviewed three locals at Kanziding Fish Market (崁仔頂魚市), Zhengbin Fishing Harbor (正濱漁港) Peace Island (和平島) and captured the locals’ daily lives in the present through the lens.

Zhengbin Fishing Harbor (Courtesy of Keelung City Government)
Man selling fish he catched in the morning at Zhengbin Fishing Harbor (Courtesy of Keelung City Government)
9m88 visited the vintage shop sitting next to the Renai Market. (Courtesy of Keelung City Government)

Tourism Bureau Director Tseng Tzu-wen (曾姿雯) said that due to the border control put in place amid the coronavirus pandemic, many might not be able to explore Keelung in person.

However, through the lens of Kawashima, people could be captivated by the spectacular views of the city and plan a trip to find their favorite corners in Keelung after the pandemic subsides, she added.