Access to Menggu Waterfall to be cut starting on Aug. 1

Menggu Waterfall (Courtesy of Facebook/南投縣政府警察局仁愛分局)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Access to the Menggu Waterfall (夢谷瀑布), located in Nantou County Renai Township, in central Taiwan will be restricted starting from August 1, according to local authorities.

The waterfall hidden in the mountains is a popular summer destination, resulting in many tourists polluting the beautiful landscape. 

To protect the natural landscape, the landlord surnamed Hsu announced Thursday that visitors won’t be able to access the Menggu Waterfall, starting from August 1. 

Most people don’t know that there are many currents hidden under the water, and there have been many accidents. 

Earlier this year, the district office set up a sign, saying that barbecue, fishing, water splashing and swimming are all prohibited in the area to protect the waterfall.

Menggu Waterfall (Courtesy of Facebook/南投縣政府警察局仁愛分局)

This announcement was quickly ignored, however. Despite the warning, many have still swum under the waterfall and even barbecued by the stream. 

Many visitors also have left garbage at the destination. Residents living nearby said that the garbage included discarded disposable tableware and many beer cans with maggots in them. 

Hsu said that although Menggu Waterfall is a public area, the land surrounding it is all privately owned. There have been too many tourists and violations recently, and a large number of vehicles even caused traffic jams, Hsu said.

Hsu added that the road closures from August are only temporary, and the local community will organize and discuss with public authorities to carry out planning for tourism and safety.