Can Chou Tien-chen challenge Momota in Tokyo Olympics?

Chou Tien-chen. (Photo courtesy of NOWnews)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — World number two shuttler Chou Tien-chen (周天成) was recently asked about the impact of the delay of the Olympics on his chance of winning the gold medal in 2021.

Specifically, he was asked whether or not he thinks his chance in the competition will be lessened as the world number one shuttler Kento Momota (桃田賢斗), would have more time to recover from his previous car accident in Malaysia.

Kento Momota was injured on his way to the airport in January after the Malaysia Masters. His car was involved in a fatal car accident where the driver was killed.

Fortunately, Momota escaped but was left with serious injuries. The injuries include skin lacerations and bone fractures.

Chou declared that to him, there is not much difference whether or not Momota has time to recover. Instead of focusing on other people, he would prefer to focus solely on training himself to become the best.

Chou also noted that Momota is not the only good singles player that will be competing in the Olympics. As such, he said that his focus would be to work hard and hone his skills before the Olympic Games in 2021.

Chou is currently competing in the Taiwan National Badminton Team Championships in Taipei. He has had an impressive showing thus far, winning decisively over his opponents.