搭上國旅熱潮!三大必訪夏日祭典就在這 | Taiwan most #Instaworthy destinations, festivals to visit this summer!

2020澎湖國際海上花火節|Penghu Fireworks Festival(Courtesy of Tourism Bureau, MOTC|台灣觀光資訊網)


Are you feeling disappointed that you are unable to travel abroad due to the coronavirus pandemic? You shouldn’t! There are so many beautiful destinations and exciting festivals to visit in Taiwan this summer!

The China Post以下特別介紹全台三大必參加夏日活動。

The China Post has selected three special events unfolding this time of the year, and more if your desired destination is already fully booked!

新北福隆沙雕藝術季|Fulong International Sand Sculpture Festival


Located on the outskirts of New Taipei City, Fulong Village (福隆) features a very famous beach and campground in northern Taiwan. 


According to the Tourism Bureau, Fulong Beach boasts clear seawater and a long, soft beach, making the area a perfect destination for exciting sea activities, such as sailing and surfing. 


In addition, the calm and sheltered water of the Shuangxi River (雙溪河) adjacent to the area provides an ideal location for windsurfing, canoeing, and other non-motor powered boating activities.

新北福隆沙雕藝術季|Fulong International Sand Sculpture Festival (Courtesy of Fulong International Sand Sculpture Festival Official Website)


During this season, the “Fulong International Sand Sculpture Festival” (福隆國際沙雕藝術季) takes place on the beach, stretching as long as 3 kilometers with golden sand. 

The “World Sand Sculpting Academy recognizes Fulong Beach” is the perfect place for sand sculpture in Taiwan.


Domestic and foreign sand sculptors are invited to create professional sand sculptures, attracting many tourists every year for visits and photoshoots.

How to get there? | 活動時間:2020-05-30~2020-09-30 |When is the event? May 30, 2020 – September 30, 2020

2020澎湖國際海上花火節|Penghu Fireworks Festival


Penghu, also known as the Pescadores Islands, is an archipelago of 90 islands in the Taiwan Strait. A particular highlight of the summer season, “The Penghu Fireworks Festival”(澎湖國際海上花火節) takes place near the Penghu Guanyin Temple, allowing you to enjoy a spectacular fireworks display over the vast ocean sky.


Because the viewing areas are located just 300 meters away from where the fireworks are set, you can enjoy the thrill of stunning fireworks in a safe setting.

2020澎湖國際海上花火節|Penghu Fireworks Festival(Courtesy of Penghu County Government/澎湖縣政府)


Penghu is so much more than just the fireworks festival though. During the day, you can enjoy beautiful harbors, natural scenery, and fresh seafood. You can also rent scooters to ride around the connected islands or board ferries to be transported to the various remote islands.

天堂路|Penghu Paradise Road (NOWnews)


Now is an excellent time to fly to Penghu, with Taiwan’s domestic airlines Mandarin Airlines (華信航空), a subsidiary of the China Airlines Group, and UNI Air (立榮航空), a subsidiary of EVA Air, flying large international jets on these short flights between Taiwan and Penghu.

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How to get there? | 活動時間:2020-07-06~2020-09-03|When is the event? July 6, 2020 – September 3, 2020

2020臺灣國際熱氣球嘉年華|Taiwan International Balloon Festival


Moving down the East Coast of Taiwan, more natural scenery and fresh air can be found in Taitung, where the Taiwan International Balloon Festival (2020臺灣國際熱氣球嘉年華) takes place. 


You can see colorful balloons on display in Tatung’s magnificent mountain ranges and even take a hot air balloon flight. 

2020臺灣國際熱氣球嘉年華|Taiwan International Balloon Festival


The event has been named one of the top 12 hot air balloon festivals worldwide by the Travel Channel and attracts almost a million visitors each summer.

2020臺灣國際熱氣球嘉年華|Taiwan International Balloon Festival


Those who love biking or taking photos can also visit “Mr. Brown Avenue” (伯朗大道).


Described as a “green road of paradise,” scenes have often been filmed here, including for Star Alliance member EVA Air’s famous “I See You” advertisement. In fact, during the autumn season, the rice fields turn into a stunning golden color.

How to get there? | 活動時間:2020-07-11~2020-08-30|When is the event? July 11, 2020 – August 30, 2020