Germany removes Taiwan flag from website after accepting MIT face masks

Germany adhered to the One-China policy and removed Taiwan’s flag from their websites.

Screengrab from the German Federal Foreign Office.

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Germany’s Federal Foreign Office announced that the reason behind the removal of Taiwan’s flag from its website was to keep in line with the “One-China Policy” which stipulates that there can only be one sovereign state under the name “China.”

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Taiwan has donated a large number of masks to Germany and the rest of the European Union’s member states.

Although the European Union has publicly thanked Taiwan for its donation, Germany has not. In fact, it has done the opposite of thanking Taiwan.

Despite Taiwan’s donation, the government of Germany’s spokesperson avoided thanking Taiwan for its donation. The government even went as far as removing Taiwan’s flag completely from their websites.

On July 10, Germany’s Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson Rainer Breul was asked about the removal of Taiwan’s flag from their website.

In response, he told the press that the reason why Taiwan’s flag was removed from Germany’s Foreign Ministry’s website was because of the special status Taiwan has. He acknowledged that while Germany continues to have relations with Taiwan, Germany does not recognize Taiwan as a country.

Taiwanese netizens flocked to PTT, Taiwan’s largest bulletin board system, to criticize the German government and its people. Comments included those that mocked China and those that asked Germany to return the masks Taiwan donated.