Mickey Huang no longer hosting three golden awards

台北電影獎|Taipei Film Festival Award Ceremony(Courtesy of Taipei Film Festival Award Ceremony)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Mickey Huang (黃子佼) previously hosted the Taipei Film Festival Award Ceremony (台北電影獎) and was a frequent host for the three golden awards (三金), but he suddenly stated on Sunday that he will not continue to host the popular events.

Huang had already resigned as a host from the Golden Bell Award (金鐘獎), Golden Melody Award (金曲獎) and Golden Horse Award (金馬獎), passing it on to the next generation.

“I believe I have given enough and it is time to pass it on to the next generation,” Huang said. Huang and Ke Jiayan (柯佳嬿) co-hosted the Taipei Film Festival the night before.

He conceded that when he first heard about co-hosting with Ke, he had his hesitations, but he believed hosting with someone who has never hosted before is a new and different experience for him too.

“When I stood next to her, her mouth was shaking,” he expressed.

However, he was sure she would eventually loosen up. He further stated that Ke’s performance and ambition to perform exceeded his expectation and believes it is remarkable that she even took the stage.