Elephant-shaped island in Keelung attracts more tourists

(Photo courtesy of the 基隆嶼登島情報旅遊網)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Keelung Island opened up for sightseeing on July 1, and a recent photo posted by a government official attracted even more tourists. The photo shows the island from the north side, which looks like an elephant playing in the water.  

Keelung Island is located in the northern sea of Taiwan, and the city government recently renovated equipment on the island so it would be easier to travel around the island.

The Keelung Island tour, which opened on July 1, consists of two different routes. The first tour includes sightseeing around the island and visiting the island. This tour takes about 2 hours and costs NT$700.

The second tour also includes sightseeing around the island and visiting the island, but it also takes you to visit the lighthouse. This tour takes around 3.5 hours and costs NT$850.

The government announced that because the pathway to the lighthouse is still under construction, only the first tour is available. However, once the pathway is done, the public will be allowed to climb to the highest point of Keelung Island and enjoy the 360-degree view.

Tsai Fu-ning (蔡馥嚀), chief of the Marine and Fisheries Department of the Production and Development office of Keelung, said that once the boat reaches to the north side of Keelung Island, the view of the island looks like an elephant.