Chiayi’s Mianyue Line is becoming a popular hiking spot

TAIPEI (The China Post) — The “Mianyue Line” (眠月線) was a branch line of the Alishan Railway in Chiayi County. It collapsed and was abandoned after the 921 Earthquake in 1999 and several typhoons.

Now, it has been reopened to let mountaineers visit the magnificent scenery on the way to the “Mianyue Line.”

When the fog rises, the trail is shrouded in a mysterious atmosphere, so some people call it “the most dreamy hiking route.”

The Youtube Channel Roundcandy TV (圓糖混哪裡) posts videos documenting their adventures hiking. Their creative editing, narration, and overall presentation made their videos very popular.

This time, they recorded their journey hiking on the “Mianyue Line” trail. They went to the “Ming Tunnel” (明隧道), a classic photo spot. However, because of previous earthquakes and typhoons, the mountain wall collapsed, which made the tunnel closed and impassable.

They also went onto the “Shihou Station” (石猴車站) and decided to camp there.

In the video, the host reminded the viewers that the “MianYue Line” trail is a natural reserved area; therefore, to hike on the “MianYue Line” trail, they have to apply at the Forestry Bureau before entering the park.